1. "I knew she was queer, but I didn’t think it was queer that she was."
    — Katharine Hepburn (on Eva Le Gallienne)
  2. sistercelluloid:

    Missy kills in a silk sling after injuring her arm during a run-in with a rebellious window in 1939. 

    And oh my God, the scarf has the preamble to the Constitution on it.


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  3. "Two souls are sometimes created together and in love before they’re born."
    — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned (via larmoyante)

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  4. cinematicfinatic:

    Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant - Indiscreet - 1958

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  5. bettybacallbeauty:

    Lauren Bacall with Ed Sullivan in his office c.1954

  6. biscuitsarenice:

    The formidable and iconic actress Bette Davis on ‘Parkinson’ in 1975.

    The same year as Shirley Maclaine spoke on a similar subject here.  

    When Bette Davis said she would ‘never ever have done’ nudity, she meant it. She was under contract to Warner Brothers Pictures in the 1930s and went on a one-woman strike because she wanted good directors and good scripts. Mr Warner took her to court and won but as she said “she lost the battle but won the war.” Because she ended up getting both good directors and scripts.

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  7. "Keep this in mind: You can have whatever you want if you dress for it"
    — Edith Head (via wordsnquotes)

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  8. fuckyesoldhollywood:

    Gregory Peck

    (I’ll have a beer with you any time baby!)

  9. nitratediva:

    Theda Bara sprinkles rose petals over her latest victim in A Fool There Was (1915).

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    Clara Bow examines Clive Brook’s handsomeness in Hula (1927).

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    Jobyna Ralston and Richard Arlen in William Wellman’s Wings (1927).

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  12. missingaudrey:

    Audrey Hepburn by Arthur Rothstein for Gigi, 1951

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    classic hollywood actors + meaning of name (part 1)

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  14. undr:

    William M. Rittase

    A view of Chicago’s historic La Salle Street train station, November 1936

    This could totally be the cover for Patricia Highsmith’s Strangers on a Train

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  15. Greta Garbo icons- for anonymous & flowerstoher

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